The First Three Months

So Penelope is now 4 months old, which is just crazy how quickly time flies! I thought I’d do a little 0-3 months update on everything, from feeding to sleeping.

Breastfeeding –

Feeding was incredibly difficult in the first week but it has been amazing since then, don’t get me wrong, I find it very trying (read my full thoughts here) but in the past month I have been loving it! Now I feel a lot less like “just a boob” haha so I’m enjoying my time with her much more now she sees me as more than food.

Progress –

P has always had amazing head control from about 4 weeks old and by 3 months she’s only developed in leaps and bounds; she is desperately trying to sit up but isn’t enjoying tummy time too much so I’m not sure how long it’ll take her to discover to roll! She chats to us an awful lot which is as a result of us reading to her and talking to her, as Josh and I studied english at university we know the importance of talking to baby’s and turn taking in child language acquisition so that element will always do well. Penny first started smiling at 6 weeks but that smile has become more and more cheeky. She is also beginning to recognise her grandparents, aunties and uncles a lot better too! At 8 weeks P also started teething the day after her first jabs which was a total surprise, but calpol, teething rings and gel has got us through it.

Weight gain –

As a breastfed baby, she did lose a little weight during the first week but penny has gone from 8lb 3oz at birth to 14lbs at 3 months. She is also beginning to stretch her 3-6 clothes already due to her very long legs!

Sleep –

In the beginning few weeks Penelope cluster fed most nights which I really struggled with and led to us all co-sleeping but between 3-8 weeks she was only waking a couple times from 10pm to 6pm and even managed a couple 12am-7am stints! At current, she sleeps from 9pm-4am then 4:30-8am which is really well for her age. Luckily her teething hasn’t affected her sleep too much *yet*.

Day to Day –

I must be honest, those first 6 weeks were hard; we slept when we could, had help off family as much as possible and just took each day as it came. We had nights where we drove at 3am to try get her to sleep and others where we all cuddled up for hours before the usual bedtime. I felt like little more than food for weeks but as J went back to work (he’s a teacher and she was born during the summer holidays so we had an amazing first 6 weeks together) Penny had to learn to let me hold her during the day without always demanding food haha. Now, on the whole, we have amazing days; I aim to always take her on a walk every day, we attend a music class on Thursdays and I’m starting to take her out shopping more too. Every week is becoming much easier and she’s an amazing baby.

I hope this has given a little insight into our lovely new life with Penelope.

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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