My Breastfeeding Essentials

Today I wanted to share some of my must have essentials in my breastfeeding journey; Smart Cells have shared their breastfeeding essentials too, so click here to read them. Penelope is now 12 weeks old and has been exclusively breastfed from birth, which I am incredibly proud of; it has been a bumpy journey but things are becoming easier every week.

As any breastfeeding mom knows, it is no walk in the park so here are a few of my favourite products that got me through the tough days and long nights.

Before P was born, I knew I wanted to breastfed so I began getting organised weeks in advance! I bought these super cute cloth pots from H&M for £2.99 each; I keep one in my bedroom, lounge and Penny’s bedroom too full of the essentials for every feed.

Each one includes; breastpads, a snack, nipple balm, tissues and a spare muslin.

These have been vital because I’m forever forgetting what I need during feeds so this takes away the hassle of trying to remember with my total baby brain lately haha. I’m also a huge fan of keeping all the necessities together in cute organisers and that’s very much how I’ve approached keeping our house tidy with a new baby! Each design goes with each rooms theme; pink for P’s room, grey for ours and spots for the lounge.

Nipple balms are also a must have for when things get a bit rocky. My favourite nipple balms (who’d have thought I’d be happily blogging about nipple balms at 21 but there we go haha) have to be Nspa soothing nipple balm, Boots maternity lanolin nipple cream and Bemama nipple protection balm. I’ve found each one to be affordable and quick working; with Boots and Nspa containing lanolin and Bemama a good preventative cream.

Breastfeeding is difficult but equally so rewarding and I’m growing to really love how efficient, loving and natural it is.

I’d love to hear more about other moms breastfeeding essentials! And for other moms-to-be I hope mine and Smart Cells essentials are a useful guide!

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

This post is in collaboration with Smart Cells with information from a press release.

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