Preparing Our Bedroom For A Newborn

Today I wanted to share some tips we’ve learnt when adapting our bedroom for the arrival of P! J and I moved into our home 9 weeks before Penny’s arrival, so it was some rush to get the house ready as well as enjoy nesting.

Our bedroom isn’t huge so we had to make little discrete changes to prevent our room looking like a nursery haha. P has her own bedroom but for the next 6 months (well, I hope a year haha!) she’ll be sleeping in our bedroom and I didn’t fancy swapping between rooms to get nappies, outfits etc.

My dressing table is no longer filled with just make-up and perfumes; this is where I store P’s little baby boxes and usually some extra muslins and an extra teddy. I also keep a compartment with breastfeeding necessities for myself too for quick access at all times.

1. Nappy Compartment – I bought these lovely plain boxes from Ikea and then fill them with a packet of nappy’s (I can fit about 20), a packet of wet wipes, Sudocream, Vaseline and cotton pads, as well as an antibacterial hand gel for those middle of the night changes. To reduce the chemically smell from antibac gel, pop some hand cream on afterwards; smooth and clean hands, win win! We also have a similar box in the lounge; these are brilliant to grab all the essentials whilst also holding your little one before a nappy change rather than trying to juggle everything at once.

2. Bath And Bed Compartment – this is very similar to our nappy box but for quick access for bath and bedtime. This box has Johnson’s baby bath, oil and moisturiser in Lavender as well as the moisturiser in the original scent. We also include a packet of wet wipes that I wouldn’t want to use on P (I prefer to use only Huggies or Water Wipes for her sensitive skin) to quickly wipe up any dribble or sick that gets on us. When P had trapped wind, I also kept some Gripe Water in there too to use during the night if needed.

3. Crib – Now this is a whole other post about our co-sleeping situation but whether it’s a Moses basket or a crib you decide to have, it’s best to keep it close besides your bed. This crib has a side that unzips which gives the illusion of co-sleeping but much safer. We’ve also put in a Cleva Mama mattress as someone can be picky if the mattress is too firm. P currently sleeps on J’s side so she doesn’t smell me and decide to feed all night haha but also because J wanted her there so he can give her cuddles that she may need during the night (she’s a bit of a daddy’s girl). As it gets cooler P will sleep in her 2.5 tog sleep bag as well.

4. Nappy Bin – Who’d have thought at 21, I’d be blogging my excitement about a nappy bin haha. But the Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin is brilliant; it individually wraps each nappy in an odour-free bag and stores about half a weeks worth of nappy’s whilst being 100X more effective at reducing odours than regular nappy bags! This has been a god send for our bedroom as it is discreet, odour-less and means we don’t have to put nappy’s in the kitchen bin after every change, which is especially useful during the night!

5. Grow-Egg – This was J’s favourite investment haha. As P was born during that baking July heat, we really needed to get a clear idea of how warm our bedroom was and during especially hot days, we’d move it into our lounge too. The egg glows red if it’s too hot, blue if it’s too cool and orange or yellow when it’s just perfect. This also makes a lovely night light too which we’ll move into P’s room when she leaves our bedroom.

6. Clothing – P has a drawer in our wardrobe full of long and short sleeve body suits and her full baby grows. But she also takes up some of our wardrobe hanging space with all her knitted cardigans and gorgeous dresses.

I hope this has been useful and given some soon-to-be mamas ideas to adapt your bedroom!

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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