The Little Book Of Self-Care For New Mums – Book Review

I was very kindly sent this book from The Motherbox and it has very quickly become my mum bible. “Giving yourself some self-care is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity” is one of the first quotes within this book that I remind myself every single day.

The book is divided into 3 sections; healing a mother, minding a mother and guiding a mother.

Healing a mother is full of tips to aide psychical healing after childbirth; tips for good sleep, recipes for breastfeeding mamas and stretches to ease those aches. One thing I really took from this section is the pelvic floor exercises as mine took quite a battering after birth!

Minding a mother is a section that called to me most as it’s all about the mental challenges we face as new moms; from mom comparisons to loving your “love lines” it has helped me love my new post-baby body, taught me breathing exercises to keep calm when things become overwhelming and tips to reach out for help. From this section J and I learnt how to give me some self-care time whilst also looking after P which has resulted in a little routine where once a week Penny and I share a bath which we both love.

The illustrations are gorgeous and very real representations of my life now haha.

Guiding a mother contains little tips as, well, guidance! This section guides you into becoming a mom whilst also remaining you; from postnatal yoga to getting “back in the sack”, I found these little quick tips vital on days when I wasn’t quite feeling like me.

The book is full of little snippets of information so you can learn lots during those couple moments you get to yourself during the day! Motherhood isn’t easy and it certainly doesn’t come with a instruction manual but this book is the closest I’ve found.

For any new mom or if you know a new mom-to-be, this book is a total must have! So whilst you’re stuffing a gift bag with baby bits, include this little bible to help ease them into motherhood.

Thank you The Motherbox for this lovely little book (which is perfectly sized for my nappy bag!), it is my pocket sized mom bible.

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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