Bemama Product Review!

I really wanted to share a new found love for a brand that specifies in pregnancy and post pregnancy products. They have very sweetly sent me some of their pregnancy products which I can’t wait to review for you expectant mama’s! Whenever I get sent a product, I like to test it out for a few weeks to give an honest review; I wouldn’t want to include anything in my blog that I wouldn’t personally buy. I’d also love to tell you all how lovely this brand are; they’ve been incredibly excited in following my pregnancy journey and are super active on twitter, should you have any questions about their brilliant products!

So lets get into the review …

Firstly, my new found favourite Stretch Marks Oil. This oil is incredibly lightweight, so sinks into the skin super fast without leaving a greasy oily layer usually associated with a body oil. I love how quickly it absorbs because this has meant I can apply it morning and evening without waiting around for it to treat my skin. I have been applying it to my tummy which, luckily, still as no stretch marks so this oil has been helping keep them at bay! But I’ve also been using it on my bum and boobs as I’ve got some serious stretch marks there, and amazingly, this oil has really diminished the red sore appearance of them which has definitely given me back some confidence! This oil has a really light, baby oil scent which stays on the skin for some time, which just gives a lovely light fragrance during the day – win win! The best tip I can give with this oil is that a little really does go a long way, so use it sparingly and it will last you throughout your pregnancy and into your new-mama days to aide recovery.

A product I don’t already own, so have been loving to use in this heat on my ankles, is their Refreshing Ankle And Leg Gel. It is unscented and sinks in quickly, giving an immediate cooling relief without feeling excessively tingly or burning. This product is amazing for all pregnant women as we’ve all experienced the sore, achey legs that can come with pregnancy, especially during summer heat. The cooling effect is so long lasting too and even more effective if you store this product in the fridge! A brilliant little tip shared by Bemama so thank you for that!

Lastly, but definitely not least is their Nipple Protection Balm. I’d been advised by lots of people that if you plan to breastfeed then begin preparing your nipples during pregnancy with nipple balm, so to receive a product designed specifically for this is fab. This lovely little wonder product can also be used for after feeds as a preventative balm when little one is born but just remember to remove any excess prior to any feeding. Unlike a Lanolin based balm, this product doesn’t have that honey-like texture so has been perfect for applying day to day for a boost of moisture and to prepare my nipples for what’s to come haha! It’s a more lotion based cream without any fragrance so I can definitely see this being my go to, day to day balm!

So there we go! I’ve really loved writing about these products because I’ve genuinely fallen in love with them and the brand so I had to share them with any moms to be.

If you’ve tried any of their post pregnancy products, I’d love to know your opinions as I can’t wait to try those too!

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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